UK Fashion and beauty retail stores will soon reopen and this would be a welcome sign for the economy even though most customers may be hesitant to return because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

All non-essential stores in the UK will reopen from Mid-June but with the recent rise in online shopping patronage as a result of the lockdown, questions have arisen as to the customers’ preference as to whether or not they’d stick to online shopping rather than returning to the stores as before.

As these retail stores begin to reopen, concerns as relating to the social distance safety precautionary regulation have risen. Though most customers have returned to shopping locally and supporting local retail and boutique owners, a significantly large number of them have not visited the busiest major retail chains.

Unemployment in the UK has escalated since March with many people facing uncertain futures and as such unnecessary spending may not be an option for such people whose source of livelihood is at risk.

In China, after the easing of the lockdown, many hesitant customers were coaxed back into the stores as the Chinese Government issued vouchers that would encourage spending and even retailers offered schemes like “Buy now, pay later” as a means to alleviate the immediate financial stress and to help ease payments for cash-strapped customers.

UK Fashion and Beauty Retail Stores to reopenWestfield’s UK shopping centers‘ Managing Director, Scott Parson told the Today television program that they were well-placed to cope with these new safety precautionary regulations.

Ha also added that compared to a narrow pavement on a High Street, that the sheer scale of their shopping centers puts them in a great position to safely manage the customers’ journey through their malls.

He also stated that they’ve got digital football trackers that would help them to safely manage crowds as they enter and exit and that they could impose one way systems and markings on their pavements and also impose car park controls and sanitization stations.

Cabinet Minister, Michael Gove said that judging from the recent opening of supermarkets and food stores, that it is very glaring to all eyes and possible for retailers to sell goods and for customers to purchase goods that they need within the current social distancing regulations.

He also added that there is a need to ensure the growth of the shopping habits of people just as it was before the recent COVID-19 pandemic but that there should be a restraint on the touching and testing of goods and the trying on of clothes and make-up.


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