French artist, MarieVic has against all odds continued to express her spontaneity even in the heat of the unexpected living situations following the rollouts of lockdown across the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


MarieVic’s Mind Blogging and Jaw dropping “Avenue Montaigne” Project

She left her current abode in New York to Paris to spend some time with her family. She stayed over at her mother, Genevieve’s second two-room apartment where she slept in one room and the other room was filled to the brim with stunning pieces of Genevieve’s exquisite and mindblowing Vintage designer fashion and couture collection.

MarieVic Mind Blogging "Avenue Montaigne" ProjectGenevieve’s outstanding designer fashion and Haute collection featured everything from vintage designs by Yohji Yamamoto to more recent designs by Demna Gvasalia and Christopher Kane and even Comme des Garcons.

MarieVic explained that it was initially not fun for her when she arrived in Paris because she had to self-quarantine and she really felt displaced because she couldn’t see her family or friends and she also missed her work studio.

MarieVic Mind Blogging "Avenue Montaigne" ProjectIn order to beat the boredom, she spent a lot of time in the wardrobe working on dressing up and making relationships with clothes and had gotten adapted to this new daily routine.

Even after the quarantine was over, she was still stuck on this newly adapted routine that she had to even incorporate it into her permitted long hour period of daily exercise where she explored her creativity and this made her spontaneous as streams of ideas flowed to her.

MarieVic Mind Blogging "Avenue Montaigne" ProjectShe said she was fascinated by the extremely beautiful look of the empty city. She saw Paris as a beautiful window display even despite the closure of stores where she could display her fascinating artistic prowess.

It then occurred to her that Avenue Montaigne was located within the unrestricted locations both from her place and that of her moms and so she asked her mom if she was interested in joining forces with her for her newly found and loved daily ritual and she agreed.

MarieVic Mind Blogging "Avenue Montaigne" ProjectThese daily ritual has given birth to a completed art project titled “Avenue Montaigne” that expressed the artistry of the stylish mother and daughter in a pose while standing in front of these empty stores and both dressed in these out-of-the-world Genevieve’s collection.

MarieVic would be recreating some of these design collection as limited C-prints for sale on her website.

MarieVic Mind Blogging "Avenue Montaigne" ProjectThe locations for each snapshot were carefully chosen to subserve the purpose of being the perfect backdrop for the items they were wearing.

They took a picture just outside the Theatre des Champs Elysees. Genevieve was dressed in a red Comme des Garcons piece of Louise Bourgeois-Esque stuffed and sculptural tentacles while MarieVic appeared opposite and dressed in a pair of red Comme silk shorts with a matching beanie and pannier-like detail. MarieVic made a pose with her hands on her hips as if she was playfully mimicking a mime artist.

MarieVic Mind Blogging "Avenue Montaigne" ProjectThey also took pictures on a street corner in front of Gucci where they relived both the present and future fashion moments in deliberately contrasting pieces of the collection.

MarieVic wore a crimson, armor-like dress by “Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga” over her head while Genevieve wore a red, silk, polka-dot “Demna Gvasalia for Balenciaga” gown.

MarieVic Mind Blogging "Avenue Montaigne" ProjectMarieVic explained that she planned each outfit to be the perfect fit for certain stores either by bouncing each other off or by echoing its architecture.

Before stepping out for this fabulous street style fashion, she would work in her wardrobe trying to compose a unique assemblage that she’d bring along with her.

Both mother and daughter changed into each outfit six feet apart from each other on the streets of Avenue Montaigne which became their fitting room.

MarieVic Mind Blogging "Avenue Montaigne" ProjectQuestions have arisen as to how  Genevieve who happens to be Paris restaurateur would own this rather impeccable fashion design collections.

Genevieve explained that her love for fashion dates back to her discovery of Claude Montana and Azzedine Alaia in the ’80s and then Comme des Garcons which she discovered at a later time.

MarieVic Mind Blogging "Avenue Montaigne" ProjectShe expressed her love for these three extremely radical fashion designers.

Genevieve further added that she wears everything she owns and wouldn’t take pleasure in archiving fashion as she prefers it to be a lived experience because there is always an occasion to wear something “Outre” (“intriguing”). It is only up to us to provoke it.

MarieVic Mind Blogging "Avenue Montaigne" ProjectGenevieve expressed that this inspiring project was fun and memorable to her as she enjoyed the opportunity of joining her daughter’s practice of art which she had always been in support of.

Genevieve also added that they both see style as a creative form of expression as there are different things to express.

MarieVic Mind Blogging "Avenue Montaigne" ProjectMarieVic is really excited about this project and sees herself as more of a hunter-gatherer amidst her mother’s vast fashion designer collections.

Despite their different expression of styles, their Avenue Montaigne snapshots depicted a strangely beautiful and sensational harmony while remaining six feet apart.



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