In the quest for the transformation of the Fashion Industry, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)  and the British Fashion Council (BFC) have gone into collaboration due to the havoc caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CFDA and BFC issued an open letter, “The Fashion Industry’s Reset” requesting a “reset” on the pattern the fashion industry presents its collections and does business across the globe.

They have established Financial Relief Funds for Fashion Designers and small businesses that have been affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The CFDA and BFC Forms An Alliance in the Quest for a Global Fashion Reset - Fashiondaily NEWGENThe letter addressed 8 pertinent issues affecting the fashion industry in an outline and they started off by affirming their strong belief that the fashion system needed change and that this change must happen at all levels as this change is long overdue and that it took for the recent Coronavirus pandemic for them to restrategize and rethink on how the fashion industry should operate and function.

The CFDA and BFC encouraged brands, designers and retailers to look into their collections cycle and to be strategic about their products and how and when they intend to sell them while they are stacking up their existing inventory. This is because, over the past years, there have been too many deliveries and merchandise generated.

They also added that the delivery pattern should be shifted closer to the season for which it was intended because there is usually a clear disconnect from when the products arrive in-store to when the customer actually needs them.

The CFDA and BFC Forms An Alliance in the Quest for a Global Fashion Reset - Fashiondaily NEWGENThey also recommended that fashion designers should pay major attention to not releasing more than two collections in a year as this would help provide their talents with the necessary time required to reconnect them to their creativity and craft thereby making their various fields stand out and this would help ease off the tension on them from stress.

They also recommended that fashion brands and designers should pay vital attention to how the delivery of beautiful, captivating, and aesthetic designs to their customers outweighs the commercial need for pre-collections and the need to fulfill the delivery windows of the current pre-collections.

They also recommended that after the resolution of this COVID-19 pandemic, that fashion brands should attempt to run their shows during the regular fashion calendar and that the shows should hold in one of the global fashion capitals in order to restrict the risks associated with traveling constantly.

The CFDA and BFC Forms An Alliance in the Quest for a Global Fashion Reset - Fashiondaily NEWGENThey also addressed the importance of sustainability in every industry and that the focus on sustainability, reduction in travel, creativity, and quality of products would help boost the consumer’s confidence in the brands and would help find their products exciting and enjoyable.

These fashion councils concluded their letter by shedding more light on their plans towards creating fashion calendars and other formats that would highlight and help to organize the virtual presentations for the Spring/Summer collections as the likelihood of physical-in person presentations would be impossible.


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